Worldwide Packaging & Shipping

We handle the wrapping, packing, shipping and insurance personally. This is all done by our staff with years of experience. It is very disheartening to make a beautiful piece of furniture, only to find out it has been damaged in transit because it was not packaged correctly.

If anything, we are sometimes guilty of overwrapping items, but we understand the importance of delivering our products in pristine condition.

Likewise in the US, we have a great team of individuals who will unload your goods in our distribution warehouse and transport them to any part of the US. If required they will unwrap and set your bar or furniture up.

If required we can crate your furniture and send them to anywhere in the world. When delivering bars, we safely pack the piece into a 20ft container which can be delivered to almost anywhere in the world.

Many of our US customers would much prefer us to unload at our warehouse in Savannah, GA and deliver at their convenience. This method is more expensive but certainly less stressful for both parties.

All UK deliveries are set up and undertaken by our own staff. Prices on request.