Add an Antique Touch to your Home Décor

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Antique furniture can give your home décor a touch of sophistication.

Hook up a chandelier

An ornate Venetian glass chandelier will add sophistication and an old-world charm to your home. When choosing a chandelier to fit with your décor be mindful of the styles, colours and designs you like. Choosing the correct size is an important but generally overlooked aspect - look for a chandelier that doesn't overpower your room but instead is original and complements the pieces of furniture already present.

The grandfather clock

Nothing says style like a classic grandfather clock. This piece of statement furniture is free-standing and is sometimes known as a longcase clock or floor clock. With a little bit of preparation and forethought an antique grandfather clock will no doubt add that extra bit of elegance and refinement to your home.

Styled chairs

Try a Mahogany open arm chair that comes with seat and back cushions. The perfect location for these beautiful chairs is next to your coffee table or by the fireplace. Depending on your décor and taste you could try either the Chippendale or Queen Ann style, forever in demand and never out of fashion.

Add framed paintings

Hanging vintage paintings will bring a touch of individuality to any room or wall in your home. Clever illumination can really draw attention to a vintage painting and for the best results use spiral tungsten bulbs with clear glass to focus light on the paintings and bring out the tones and colours.


Bar counters have the advantage of being practical as well as great looking pieces of furniture. A beautiful and ornate bar counter will add panache to your home as well as being a talking point when entertaining. Opting for a bar counter with bar stools or chairs will require a little bit more interior design planning than simply picking one up from a store. Ensure the design and theme fit well with your home décor - slight contrast in furniture is attractive but anything too different to your existing theme will clash and look unsightly.