​Bring Style to Your Home with Antique Dining Chairs

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There’s no better way to add a vintage touch to your home than by adding a set of antique dining chairs, but the question is: what to look for?

There’s no better way to add a vintage touch to your home than by adding a set of antique dining chairs. If you have a long wood table, antique dining chairs will bring class and sophistication to your home. However, the question is: what to look for when choosing antique dining chairs?

Custom Made Antiques

Here in the UK, getting custom made antique furniture is not that hard and does not need to cost a small fortune. By ordering custom designed antique furniture you can be sure of the design, materials and upholstery and you can plan for any redecoration that needs to be done. Bespoke antique furniture is highly sought after and can add glamour and pomp to your home.

When selecting the company to procure your furniture from, do your research and ask around for recommendations. Get references from past customers, speak to them multiple times and only when you are completely satisfied should you go ahead and order your furniture. The craftsmanship should be first-rate and unique while the artists themselves should have a number of years experience under their belt.

An antique dining table and chairs
An antique dining table and chairs


Antique dining chairs come in many different styles and colours. Victorian themed, mid-western, countries, Elizabethan and many more are all different styles of classic furniture. Unless you like to mix and match your furniture items, we would advise your dining room follows a single theme.

Victorian dining tables are made of dark wood, they are heavy and have intricate carvings on their legs and leg bases. These tables are not meant to be moved often as the weight can be a hindrance. These tables are long and can seat 5-15 people on average. You should order a size that closely matches your space and budget requirements.

Antique dining chairs can be ordered while ordering your bespoke antique dining table or they can be ordered at a later date - simply stick with the original style, theme, wood and colour.


Most customers wonder if the cost of ordering a set of antique dining chairs will be too much, but, there are many reasonable, good quality craftsmen who will create custom designed furniture at an affordable cost. The key here is research, research and more research.

Choosing a design, a style and upholstery that matches your budget is imperative if you want to remain within a certain amount. However, that does not mean compromising on quality or workmanship. Word-of-mouth also plays an important part in finding the right company to build you a beautiful, custom designed antique dining set.


Choosing the kind of upholstery that finishes your antique dining chairs is important to complete the look and feel of your furniture set. Additionally, padding needs to be added and you will need to choose the materials for that as well with options including: foam, cotton or a synthetic filler.